Four Sigmatic Expands Into Albertsons Stores Nationwide


LOS ANGELES, Calif.— Four Sigmatic, the #1 mushroom coffee and protein brand,1 is growing its Albertsons footprint. In more stores than ever, Four Sigmatic’s Think Ground Organic Coffee and Balance Half Caf Ground Organic Coffee can now be found at 850 Albertsons stores nationwide, as well as on the Albertsons website.

“At Four Sigmatic, our mission is to infuse functional mushrooms into everyday beverages and supplements to enrich the minds and overall wellness of our consumers,” said Tero Isokauppila, Founder and CEO at Four Sigmatic. “I’m optimistic that the expansion of our best selling coffees, Think Ground Organic Coffee and Balance Half Caf Ground Organic Coffee, into Albertsons across the U.S. will give the health-conscious buyer more accessibility to the high-quality ingredients that they have come to know and expect from our products.”

A fan-favorite, Think Ground Organic Coffee is a smooth, full-bodied dark roast with notes of dark chocolate and nuts with lion’s mane mushrooms to increase mental focus. As the Think Coffee core ingredient, lion’s mane supports healthy cognition to feel productive and creative, helps break through dreaded brain fog, and combats caffeine crashes. The beloved Balance Half Caf Ground Organic Coffee is a rich, medium roast with hints of caramel and nuts with four powerful adaptogens, such as ashwagandha, eleuthero, wildcrafted chaga, and tulsi, to de-stress the mind and body. In addition to stabilizing stress levels, the all-encompassing Balance blend delivers the much-needed energy boost with half the caffeine, while setting users up for a long-term positive mood.

1 Source: SPINS, dollar sales over the last 12wks, ending 7/16/2023

About Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic is the #1 mushroom coffee and protein brand1 on a mission to bring more focus, energy, and calm into daily lives with the world’s most nutrient dense ingredients. By infusing functional mushrooms into everyday products — like coffee and protein powder — Four Sigmatic aims to help people transform daily rituals into opportunities to enrich mental wellness. The company uses extracted, certified organic, rigorously tested mushrooms with no filler grains or mycelium to deliver effective mental performance benefits in a proven and delicious way.

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