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Fiji is among the first countries in the world to access the newly developed Aqueous takeaway cups, thanks to a partnership between market leaders in environmentally friendly food packaging Portion Pak and BioPak.

Portion Pak’s newest innovation aimed at reducing tourism generated waste reportedly has the potential to address the landfill waste created by the estimated 5 million take away coffee cups imported and used in Fiji annually.

“Years in the making, Aqueous cups are made with a water-based dispersion coating that gets absorbed into the paper the cup,” said Portion Pak general manager sales & marketing James Kennedy-Grant.

“Unlike other cups, aqueous cups don’t need an additional layer as the waterproof coating is already embedded in the fibres of the paper, resulting in one-third of the water-proofing material needed than alternative cups.”

The certified home-compostable coffee cups and lids will reportedly compost within the same time as organic waste typical of a compost pile.

“Current cups in the Fijian market make claims that their cups are compostable and biodegradable,” a press release stated.

“To refute these claims; without adequate certifications, no one is able to claim that their cups are compostable; and biodegradable is a misleading claim as everything eventually biodegrades over time, even fossil-fuel based plastics (over hundreds of years — into micro plastics!)”

Portion Pak has gone a step further than simply creating and launching the environmentally friendly products and partnered with the Rise Beyond the Reef charitable organisation.

The company has licensed local designs through Rise Beyond the Reef to be placed on the cups, and 5 per cent of the value of every cup goes to the charity to support school-based programs.

According to the press statement IHG Fiji hotels has already made the switch to these compostable takeaway cups.

“IHG FNPF Fiji Hotels have embraced the new technology and have instantly replaced over 50,000 plastic cups at drink stations with 6oz Rise Beyond the Reef cups as well as their takeaway coffee cups.

“These cups will all be sorted and sent to the resort ground staff who will compost them to create nutrient rich soil on the Hotel & Resort grounds in a matter of months. With 50,000 less plastic cups, IHG, Rise Beyond the Reef, BioPak and Portion Pak are leading the way in keeping our Fiji beautiful.”

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