How To Find Alone Time When Living With Your Partner


Trying to find alone time while living with a partner can feel impossible. Your home can feel a whole lot smaller when you live, and sometimes even work, in the same space.

But carving out alone time and having space in a relationship is essential, not only for personal well-being but also for the sake of your relationship.

The last thing you want is to grow resentful of your partner when they’re in your space or to grow so codependent you forget you need space at all!

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Even in a world where more people are doing remote work from home, it’s still possible for you and your partner to have a healthy amount of space from one another. Here’s how.

How to Find Alone Time When Living With Your Partner

1. Communicate your need for space.

No matter how in sync you are, your partner is not a mind reader. The only way they’ll know you need space is if you tell them.

You may have unintentionally created a codependent routine that’s hard to get out of, but a simple conversation will let your partner know that you’re looking to mix more alone time into your day.

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