Wendy’s unveils new cold brew coffee drink, more


Wendy's unveiled a new line of coffee drinks Monday based off the brand's signature Frosty beverage.

1. Wendy’s unveils new cold brew coffee drink based on its signature Frosty

Wendy’s launched a new line of cold-brew coffee Monday, combining the morning staple with the restaurant’s signature Frosty dessert.

The Frosty Cream Cold Brew line of drinks offers vanilla, chocolate and caramel flavors.

“The Frosty is one of our most recognizable menu items, so we’re excited to bring our fans a unique take on this iconic treat that can be sipped on at any time of day,” Lindsay Radkoski, U.S. Chief Marketing Officer for Wendy’s said in a press release.

A small Frosty Cream Cold Brew costs $1.99 and a large costs $3.49, though costs may vary by location.

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