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MANILA, Philippines — In the conversation of sustainability, especially when the concern has tipped to of utmost importance, it isn’t enough that one pledges allegiance to it, one must live it.

According to Filipino department store chain Rustan’s, more than a dazzling buzzword attached for the mere sake of, people are now looking into access to eco-friendly options in all aspects of life. After making a commitment within the self, walking this talk means expanding the scope to where one’s day begins and ends—at home. From that first shot of coffee in the morning from a reusable tumbler to the ethically sourced and environmental-friendly organic sheets that you sink into at night, there are considerate ways to incorporate sustainable living.

All this hinges on the choices made, which, of course, is dependent on the options available in the market. To provide a destination for eco-luxury products and elevated eco-living, where sustainability seamlessly integrates with style and sensibility, is a clear priority of Rustan’s Home Division. Here, not only is there zero guilt on shopping in general, customers are assured
that by building their own home, they are also contributing to the planet and its better future.

For the brand, sustainability and luxury can come together, where indulgence in a lavish life runs parallel to helping Mother Earth. For Rustan’s Home Division, the ultimate goal is to inspire a greener and more sustainable home. This becomes a reality as the brand shares the importance of eco-friendly lifestyle as well as promoting sustainability through high quality and responsibly made products.

The new department, Eco- Living, covers all areas of one’s home. For living/dining, brands such as Calfurn, Caljje, UGU Bigyan, Vidrios Reciciados San Miguel, and Nature’s Legacy offer products inspired by nature. For the bedroom, there are sustainable choices like bed linens from Malouf and Linen & Home as well as mood candles from Aromabotanicals. Eco-conscious bath products by For Keeps, L’Occitane, and L:a Bruket aim to awaken the senses. And for everybody’s favorite space the kitchen, items from Kitchen Craft, Lacor, Jean Dubost, Charles Viancin, Stasher, Pebbly, Bambu, and My Drap take center stage along with kitchen appliances that boast sustainability and elegance such as Breville, Nespresso, SMEG, Delonghi and Dyson. Environment-friendly and sustainable products are also available, and these include Gourmet Farms and Philippine Wines.

In addition to their commitment to sustainable home products, Rustan’s seamlessly extends their dedication to eco-living by showcasing a selection of sustainable fashion brands like John
Hardy, Mikimoto, KARDO, Faherty, Sorbet Island, Longchamp, Freedom Moses, and Babysoy, to name a few.

In addition, Gourmet Farms will feature a weekend market, while Philippine Wine Merchants will host wine tasting events, For Keeps will hold a sustainability program through PET bottle recycling, and there will be promos to encourage consumers to shop green.

Bringing the vision to life is a display of sustainability that best realizes the message of mindfulness that the Home Division is espousing. Located at the 5th level of Rustan’s Makati, quadrants are beautifully set up to take the customer on an eco journey through the lenses of outdoor living and dining, bed, bath, clean beauty, kitchen and kitchenware, and a lounge to comprehend that green living should not be a last resort, but a sustained lifeline that will make life worth living.

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