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Kala Ghoda is one of the most popular localities in South Mumbai. It is so named after an iconic black stone statue of a horse that was built by Sir Albert Sassoon – although it was later moved to the Byculla Zoo. This statute depicted King Edward VII as mounted on the horse. In 2017, a new (riderless) statue, called “The Spirit of Kala Ghoda,” was erected in its place. The area is known for the annual Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, which takes place annually in February. But the neighbourhood remains an enticing hub for lovers of food, art and shopping all year round. Since it is close to other famous spots like the CSMVS museum, Horniman Circle, Asiatic Library and Colaba, you can easily head here for a culinary treat before or after sightseeing.
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Here Are The 10 Best Cafes And Restaurants In Kala Ghoda In Fort, Mumbai:

1. Bake House Cafe


The flourless mocha brownie at Bake House Cafe. Photo Credit: Toshita Sahni

Bake House Cafe is a great choice any time of the day – a wholesome breakfast, lunch with friends, a quick bite after shopping, a special date or a family dinner. One can indulge in classic cafe foods like pastas, pizzas, burgers, nachos, platters, indulgent desserts and non-alcoholic beverages. We have tried and loved their pastas (especially mac and cheese), veggie homemade tacos, crispy potato skins, chicken pizzas, and the flourless mocha brownie. The ambience is suffused with vintage charm that is reflected in the decor as well as the furniture. The space is small yet comfortingly cosy. Note: They usually don’t take reservations, but the food’s worth the wait.
Where: Kala Ghoda Building, 43 Ropewalk Lane, Behind Rhythm House, Kalaghoda, Fort, Mumbai.

2. The Nutcracker

Another dependable option for cafe-style food is The Nutcracker, located just 2 mins away from the main road. This cafe has a wide variety of all-day breakfast treats for vegetarians and eggetarians. However, you won’t find non-vegetarian options here. You can choose from classic as well as fusion breakfast dishes, flavourful pastas and a limited selection of salads, burgers, sandwiches, etc. Their delicious desserts and shakes are not to be missed either.
Where: Dr, VB Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai

3. 145 Kala Ghoda

Want to pair those cafe classics with alcohol? Then 145 Kala Ghoda has many choices for you. Diners can binge on Indian, Pan-Asian, Mexican, fusion and other foods, while sipping on cocktails or other spirits of their choice. There’s also a ‘Healthy Menu’ when you’ve exhausted occasions for guilty pleasures. The vibrant ambience comes alive, especially in the evenings.
Where: Temple Bar Building, 145, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai.

4. Kala Ghoda Cafe

This eponymously named cafe has great variety in terms of salads, sandwiches, waffles and other desserts. You will find pastas, pizzas and small bites on the menu too. One can sip on classic coffee drinks, chai and simple cold beverages. The space also boasts a wine bar.
Where: 10, Rope Walk Lane, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai.

5. Zen Cafe

Want to be health conscious rather than going on a food binge? Then zen cafe could be a good choice. They serve healthy drinks, salads and other wholesome dishes made from ingredients sourced from local farms. One can also indulge in signature coffees and artisanal bread. The cafe encourages its use as a co-working space.
Where: Fort Foundation Building, Bake House Lane, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai.

6. Sequel

For an even more mindful approach to dining, head to Sequel Bistro & Juice Bar. The food here is free of refined sugar, gluten and additives. Sequel prides itself on being an organic, farm-to-fork and vegan-friendly restaurant. Their nutritious fare includes delectable smoothie bowls, small plates, breakfast foods, etc., accompanied by a wide range of natural drinks.
Where: Ground Floor, Upadrastha House, Dr. VB Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai

7. Khyber

Now, coming to older establishments, one cannot miss out on Khyber. This award-winning restaurant has been around for 5 decades and mainly serves North Indian fare. Choose this fine-dining restaurant when you want to treat yourself to some deliciously crafted traditional dishes in one of the legendary parts of South Mumbai. Don’t forget to appreciate the warm-hued interiors, where stunning artworks are spread over exposed brick.
Where: 145, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai.

8. Chetana

If you’re craving simple, home-style food, then opt for this iconic veg restaurant. There are many North Indian classics on the menu, but they are especially known for their Gujarati and Rajasthani Thalis as well as the multi-cuisine buffet. Chetana is a favourite choice for a satisfying meal with your family.
Where: 34, K Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai.

9. Cafe Military

As you may know, Mumbai is famous for its Irani cafes, and this one is located right in Kala Ghoda. Established in 1933, Cafe Military is sure to transport you to the days when Mumbai was Bombay. Go for the yummy Parsi and Mughlai food while you take in the old-world surroundings. Patrons keep returning for their keema treats, dhansak, akuri, caramel custard and raspberry soda.
Where: Alli Chambers, Nagindas Master Road, Fort, Mumbai.

10. Folk

This is one of the area’s new openings in recent months and promises to offer diners something different from the rest. The limited menu features a range of traditional delicacies from different parts of the country. The focus is on regional flavours and homely comfort. The choices for non-vegetarians seem especially tempting.
Where: Maharashtra Chambers, 14, New Bakehouse, Lane, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai.

Have you tried any of these before? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.
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