Boost your garden by harnessing power of coffee


Not all plants can benefit from used coffee grounds as a fertilizer, but for those that do, the most significant advantage is the ease of obtaining this organic booster. Simply save the grounds after you have had your daily dose of caffeine.

Before giving them to your plants, it is best to spread out moist coffee grounds in a flat container to dry, according to experts from Bavaria’s Garden Academy.

Only sprinkle a thin layer onto the soil and rake them in.

But be careful: Coffee grounds are not always a suitable fertilizer because of their slightly acidic effect, according to the garden academy.

They only contain 2% nitrogen – a nutrient often given to plants with fertilizers.

Therefore, the experts say that coffee grounds are great on soils with a high lime content or a high pH value. To determine the pH value of your garden, you can either send a sample to a laboratory or check the soil yourself with a pH test from the garden center.

Make sure to apply only small doses of coffee to smaller areas. Otherwise, it can increase the phosphorus and potash content of the soil too much, together with other organic fertilizers like compost.

Moreover, a caffeine boost should only be given to plants that prefer acidic soils, like citrus plants, rhododendrons, blueberries and petunias.

In winter, you can add a thin layer of coffee grounds directly to empty flower beds, the lawn or the open areas around trees and shrubs. The Garden Academy recommends this home remedy, especially for orchard trees.

Alternatively, the coffee grounds can be disposed of in the compost, including the filter. Finally, mix the dried powder with purchased potting soil or homemade planting substrates.

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