Hublot And Nespresso Launch The First Watch Made


Brands continue to engage in great collaborations in order to attract new consumers to their markets. Recently, Hublot and Nespresso surprised everyone by coming together and creating a unique watch that they classified as sustainable, after being made with coffee grounds and recycled capsules.

Since the past, collaborations have also been known as co-marketing, and they show an action taken by two companies where they work with each other with promotional efforts to encourage a co-branded or co-branded offer.

According to data shared by Business2 Community, they highlight that the alliance occurs between organizations with similar audiences and that in particular the work focuses on developing marketing content and collaborative strategies.

Hublot and Nespresso

Taking into account the importance of the environment, Hublot and Nespresso launched a unique and sustainable watch made with coffee grounds and recycled capsules.

As mentioned by the brands, it is a limited edition that will only have 200 copies, for which recycled coffee materials have been used both to create the watch case and the strap.

Also, among the striking things about this product is that it was developed with recycled coffee materials, and will bear the name of Hublot Big Bang Unico Nesspresso Origin.

The collaboration also drew attention for the union of brands such as Hublot, renowned for its innovation in luxury watchmaking, and Nespresso, a leader in the capsule coffee industry, showing how both companies come together in order to carry the message of sustainability and innovation.

Among the other features that the watch presents is a 42-centimeter diameter case, in addition to being water resistant up to a depth of one hundred meters and consisting of 28 percent recycled aluminum.

For its part, it has a rubber strap that includes 4.1 percent ground coffee and 8.2 percent recycled rubber.

The watch brand added a small detail to mention the coffee company, such as the design of the ‘N’ for Nespresso, which appears on the crown of the watch and its iconic color has been used, similar to the Master Origins Peru capsule. organic.

“The Bang Unico Nespresso Origin is the perfect example of a harmonious coexistence between circularity and luxury. It shows that circular products can be as elegant and sophisticated as conventional luxury items, which is proof that it is possible to merge environmental values ​​with aesthetic requirements,” Guillaume Le Cunff, CEO of Nespresso, said in a statement.

There are many collaborations or co-marketing that have been launched in recent months, such as Burger King and Doritos, which created a hamburger, baptized as the ‘Cheesy Doritos’.

Or in the fashion market, the collaboration between Nike and Tiffany & Co. that launched an exclusive tennis model, revolutionizing the digital conversation without even reaching stores around the world.

And this is how this type of strategy is the best way for companies to renew their names and objectives before a consumer who is changing every day and seeks innovation in all the products they buy.

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