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COLVILLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES , April 14, 2023/ — Author Greg Simons’ latest novel, “Yakov’s Run,” is a thrilling and immersive historical tale that takes readers on a journey through the 14th century Holy Roman Empire.

In this engaging and atmospheric novel, Michael Simons, a widower seeking to rediscover his roots, is linked to the past through the story of Yakov Symons, a young farmer living in the Holy Roman Empire in the 14th century. Yakov’s life takes a dramatic turn when he is forced into bondage and enlisted in a conflict he knows nothing about. Along the way, he meets the infamous Petres the Chain and the enigmatic Der Flechtemann, a near-mythical figure on a mission to liberate the people from the chains of feudal hierarchies and institutionalized poverty.

Simons’ vivid portrayal of the Holy Roman Empire paints a picture of a dark and bleak world, where life is always on the brink of death, and the horsemen of the apocalypse stand witness to the age. But amidst this darkness, there is still hope, and the mysterious monk who knows so much of these events may hold the key to unlocking the past and the future.

“‘Yakov’s Run’ is a gripping and enthralling historical thriller that will take readers on a journey they won’t forget,” said Simons. “I wanted to explore the realities of life in the Holy Roman Empire and the struggles that people faced, while also weaving in elements of mystery, intrigue, and adventure.”

Simons is a talented and experienced writer, with several novels and short stories to his credit. He has a knack for bringing history to life, and his stories are always richly detailed and thoroughly researched. In “Yakov’s Run,” he has once again proven himself to be a master of the historical thriller genre.

“Yakov’s Run” will be available on Amazon and other major retailers in both print and ebook formats.

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