5 things you need to know about Pure Bean Coffee in Rapid City


1. Nick Reid, owner of Pure Bean, is a certified Q processor

Last August, Reid travelled to Brazil where he completed his Q processing certification. This means Reid is intimately familiar with the growing, harvesting and roasting process of his coffee beans, so he knows what happens during each and every step of coffee production. By becoming a certified Q processor, Reid can ensure that every single one of his coffee beans is ethically sourced.

2. Pure Bean distributes coffee from Maine to Hawaii

With two South Dakota locations and two California locations, Pure Bean coffee is available not only at their own brick and mortar shops, but they also distribute their beans to numerous coffee shops across the country.

Pure Bean 93. Pure Bean features a unique and exciting menu

While Pure Bean certainly serves standard, classic coffee beverages like lattes and cappuccinos, their menu also features signature drinks and seasonal drinks which are flavored with their own house-made syrups.

4. Pure Bean serves an assortment of freshly-made baked goods

Not only can you enjoy a delicious coffee at Pure Bean shops, but you can also pair your drink with a fresh pastry or breakfast sandwich made fresh, daily.

5. Pure Bean isn’t just about coffee — it’s about changing the world

For Reid, Pure Bean is a way for him to combine his love for coffee and his passion for humanitarian efforts. Reid partners with organizations in India, Eastern Europe, South America, Thailand and other Asian countries to encourage fair-trade, organic coffee production and to improve working environments for everyone involved in the coffee-making process, from the fields to the shops.

For more information about Pure Bean coffee, or to order a bag of beans, visit their website here.

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